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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2010-04-30
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Oil leak in gulf of Mexico - why are Republicans not asking Government to stay away?

This Oil leak catastrophe in Gulf is another proof as to what utter complete lunatics Republican positions have been, that is Republicans from Reagan downward have been selling American people this ultimate con job that: "Government is the problem not the solution..." So in this Gulf of Mexico Oil leak catastrophe, are Republicans like Gov Bobby Jindal calling for private industry to come to their rescue or are they calling for the Federal Government to come to their rescue? So what happened to the Tea baggers and Republican lunatics that "Government cannot do anything..." etc. non-sense, why are they not asking the Federal Government to stay away from this leak and ask the same Wall Street owned for profit companies that caused this leak to take care of the pending disaster in Gulf Coast? Why the deafening silence to this question from the Tea baggers and Republican lunatics!!!

So this is another example of Republican lunacy having in time lead to a disaster.
That is this disaster, like the disaster in WV Massey Mine, like the disaster in Wall Street, like the disasters in US Main street where 2Mill+ Americans go bankrupt each year due to health care costs while ZERO European or Canadian go bankrupt each year due to health care costs because they all have Universal nationalized health care are due to the Republican lunatics having sold this ULTIMATE Con Job to the American people, that:
1- "Government cannot do anything..."
2- "Government is the problem not the solution..."
3- "People distrust the Government more than they dislike big business (aka Wall Street)"

Which translated means:
1- You the People cannot do anything, since this is supposed to be the "Government of the People by the People for the People"
2- Pay about 40% of your income in Taxes and get almost nothing for your Taxes
3- Only the Rich & Big corporations "can do things... and are the solution...." IF we can brain wash you people to believe that the Government of the People cannot do anything... and thus the Con Job is complete.

As a result of which Republican lunatic LIES, made possible by the LIES AND LIES of the right-wing Media in US, such as slime bags like Limbaugh, Beck, etc. on Talkradio, Fixed news, Wall Street Journal, etc. Big corporations and the Super rich have literally been able to get away with murder and plunder in this country. To be exact there are too many regulations on small businesses in US, such as a night club must stop serving liquor by 2AM, whereas in Europe there are NO such regulations, but there are not enough regulations on Big corporations due to them having access to 100s of Billions of Capital to buy the members of Congress, to spend lavishly on the (right-wing Lying) Media in US or on lobbyist.

To be exact not all Republicans are Lunatics, some of them are very very very smart actually. That is the Republican party is really composed of 2 distinct groups, well 3 groups if you include the paid agents of the 1st group:

1st group - The Super rich and Top brass of Big corporations (aka Wall Street gang) who want to make as much money as possible, damn be the American people or anyone else if that would reduce their ability to make $40Mill per year and fly in $50Mill private Jets, and this group controls the US Media to a 99% extent before the Internet and to a 95% extent after. For example nothing disgusts this group more than flying in a commercial flight, set aside God forbid fly in coach seat along with the lower classes that is the Middle class.

2nd group - Highly uneducated, untraveled, consumed by fear, consumed by anger, believers that Armageddon is coming and that in the ensuing world calamity which to their insane minds is good Jesus will take them to heaven in a Rapture, and other crazy's and "White Trash", who are easily brain washed by the lunatics of the right-wing Media to act against their own self interest and instead act for the interest of those groups that owns most of the US Media.

3rd group - The paid Agents of the 1st group working in the Media outlets that the 1st group owns, such as Talkradio (i.e., Limbaugh, Hannety, Beck, etc.), Fix news, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc. etc., whose job is to LIE and LIE to brain wash the 2nd group, the "White Trash" masses, that the "Government cannot do anything", "Government is the problem not the solution", which is the "Ultimate Con Job" to have them, have us, pay Taxes but ask and get nothing for our Taxes.

More here:

P.S., Did you hear that psycho Rush Limbaugh (agent of Big pharm, Big insurance, Big banks aka Wall Street gang) to state that Oil leaks are part of nature like "volcanoes.." or that "liberal may have caused it to stop off shore drilling.." One more example of what lunatics Republicans are, made into lunatics by psycho talks and LIES of people like Limbaugh, Fixed news and the rest of the LYING right-wing Media in US which unfortunately is 90%+ of the US Media.

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