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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2010-07-16
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Republicans are Lunatics, Obama/Dems HOAX, US (right wing) Media the core problem
Lets face the fact that Republicans are utter complete Lunatics, Obama/Dems are HOAX, and the KEY to this amazing sorry state of affairs is the US Media which is almost entirely a right-wing LYING machine.

1st about Republicans, There are many ways to prove that they are utter complete Lunatics(1) , but just take their stand on health care. Republicans are against Universal nationalized health care for American people, when Universal nationalized health care would mean all Americans having health care for the Taxes that we already pay AND health care costing the US Government and Businesses 50% less than what it costs now! And that is why all European countries, Canada, Japan, Australia, in fact all developed nations have Universal Nationalized health care. Put another way, to see crystal clear that the Republican party in US is not a Conservative party at all, but an agent of Big Pharma, Big insurance, (aka wall Street gang) and they will say any lunatic non-sense to get away with this Con Job,, consider the FACT that Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative party in UK, Steven Harpers Conservative party in Canada, Angela Merkels Conservative party in Germany, Sarkozy's Conservative party in France, etc. ALL are 100% for their Universal nationalized health care systems.

So to even be having a debate with the so called Republican party by this time, 2010, that Universal nationalized health care is the only and best way by far to operate the health care of a country, when ALL the developed nations on EARTH have adopted Universal nationalized health care for decades, is a crystal clear indication that there is something profoundly wrong with the Republican party that really goes beyond the simple term of calling them Lunatics.

For details of why only lunatics, or agents of Big Pharma & Big insurance, can be against Universal nationalized health care:

Obama/Democrats HOAX

Also lets face the fact that Obama/Dems are near total HOAXes. Because the only real differences between Obama and Bush is that Obama is Black and has a radical sounding name of Hussein Obama, otherwise he has done same as Bush, Clinton, etc. before him. After all, just look at the FACTS:

1. Obama/Dems ran on the promise of bringing about Universal Nationalized Health Care. Something that again ALL European countries, Canada, Japan, Australia, in fact all developed nations have and have had for decades already. But instead they passed a near joke of a health care reform since it is neither Universal nor is it Nationalized, hek it does not even immediately end such criminal murderous practices as denying people health care because they need health care: aka “Pre-existing Condition?, something that is killing at least 50,000 Americans per year.

2. Obama/Dems ran on the promise of ending the Iraq War. They did not do this AND instead they adopted the same EXACT policy as Bush Admin regarding Iraq and kept the same Secretary of War (Defense) too to boot.

3. Obama/Dems ran on the promise of cutting Government waste (resulting Deficits). They could have done this by cutting the US Military budget to HALF of what it was at the height of the Reagan area, WHEN the supposed threat of Soviet Union and Warsaw pact existed, SAVING US Tax payers $5Trillion over next 10 years. They did not do this. At the very least Obama/Dems should have cut the US Military budget to what it was at the height of Reagan area, SAVING us $300Bill per year, $3T over 10 years. They did not do this either and instead proposed even further increases in our already Gargantuan Military budget. And Republicans are such lunatics to want even greater increases in the Military budget and to call the 4% increase by Obama Admin in the Military budget to be a “Drastic Cut?!!! (2)

4- Obama/Dems ran on the promise of investing Billions in High Speed trains, as Europeans, Chinese have/are. Except a token such investment of NOTHING real value has been made to date in this regard, which is a supposed High Speed Train from Orlando, but Obama Admin did not state what is its destination!

5- Obama/Dems ran on the promise of investing Billions in Renewable Energy projects, as Europeans, Chinese have/are. It is 2010 and so far they have announced a partly $2Bill in such investments, which the Republican Lunatics promptly called "Socialism..", in contrast Europeans have made more than 500Bill Euro investments in such projects, such as the $400Bill Euro DesertTec project alone.

Take the Stimulus as best proof of above 2 points

To further see what utter complete lunatics Republicans are, take the $750Bill stimulus package that Obama/Dems was passed in 2009.

1st keep in mind that Half of this so called $750Bill stimulus was Tax cuts, which begs the question of why call it a stimulus and not a Tax cut since stimulus is supposed to mean to make an investment by the Government to address needed services, such as building High Speed Trains, which would also of course create Millions of Jobs.

2nd, Republicans ONLY idea for improving the economy is Tax cuts, well again half of the so called $750Bill stimulus was Tax cuts, yet Republicans were and are against the $750Bill stimulus!!

3rd, in regard to the $750Bill stimulus package Republicans have made such amazing statements, as "the stimulus has not created any Jobs...."
How insane can you be to say that!!!
I mean if a company raises $10Mill, it will create about 100 Jobs for that capital obtained. So do the simple math as to how many Jobs could be created for companies having received $1000Bill so far from the stimulus!!!
Put another way if we hired 2Mill people with the Stimulus money at $75,000 per year we can pay such
salaries for 5 years. So to say that the stimulus money has not created or cannot create Millions of Jobs is just one more example of the utter lunacy of Republicans and that they cannot even handle or do not want to handle simple math. I mean if Republicans were saying that the X or Y expenditure of the stimulus is a waste of money and lets instead invest in this other area, one would could say fine. But just to say that the $750Bill stimulus has NOT created any Jobs is almost inline with their other utter lunatic statements such as Universal nationalized health care is bad when the EXACT opposite is absolutely true.

But lets also state the FACT that WHY has Obama Admin spent so little money from the Stimulus package on any major plants, projects and investments, such as the Battery plant that they announced in Michigan on Jul/15th/2010. I mean they have announced maybe about $5Bill in funding for renewable energy related manufacturing, WHY so little? For example Europeans have announced more than $500Bill spending in renewable energy area such as the 400Bill Euro DesertTec project alone. What is up with the Obama Admin that it has not carried out EVEN One major development project!! I mean nothing like a Hoover Dam type project or a major renewable energy like project such as DesertTec or a major High Speed Train project such as more than the 10,000 Miles that the Chinese have already built, etc. etc.

WHY? Why has Obama Admin made so little actual investments in real major projects!!!

They could have easily cut the Unemployment rate in US down to 7.5% as they have for example in Germany by having already started a massive High Speed train project to connect all US cities with more than 100,000 in population that are less than 500 Miles apart, thus have created Millions of high paying jobs but also bring US into the Modern age of Transportation where people can travel in lap of luxury center city to center city as they do in most of Europe already due to the Europeans making 100s of Billions of Euros of investment in this area, an investment which would have also cut down greatly on our Oil demand since such High Speed trains would be running on Electricity. And of course then spent 100s of Billions of Dollars more on building Renewable Energy sources, to provide the Electricity needed for high speed trains, which again would have created Millions of high paying jobs to build and operate these Renewable Energy sources. Instead they have just announced 1 High Speed Train project starting in Orlando. But who the HEK or how the HEK do you announce a (High Speed) Train project without stating what its destinations going to be!!! Which again proves that Obama/Dems are a HOAX, that this whole "Great Recession" in US is intentionally made up and being dragged out for the hidden purposes of the "Shadow Elites"- more on this here.

Or Take the rescue of GM & Chrysler as another proof

As another proof of what utter complete Lunatics Republicans are, really what enemy of American people they are, take the FACT that they did not want to provide Government funding to US Auto maker which would have resulted in GM and Chrysler going bankrupt and having added 500,000 more to the role of the Unemployed plus 1000 of other supplying companies to GM and Chrysler going bankrupt that would have added another 500,000 or more to the role of the Unemployed. But instead due to the capital infusion that GM and Chrysler got from the Government, they are now doing fine and are adding 1000s to their payrolls. In fact if the US Government had not provided capital to GM and Chrysler in 2009 and they had gone bankrupt then American people’s choice for buying cars would have been limited to German & Japanese cars which according to Republican lunatics are “Socialist countries…? since both Germany & Japan have Universal nationalized health care, what Republican lunatics call "Socialism...". – More on this.

So what we need are real 3rd parties - not the Teabaggers that are extreme Republican lunatics

So what we need is not the Republicans lunatics to replace the Democratic/Obma HOAXEs, what we need is a real 3rd party. Not the Teabggers which are the even more Republican lunatics, whom are really funded by the same Wall Street gang (money) that has resulted in Republicans being the lunatics that they are, but a real 3rd party. That is a 3rd Party that is far closer to the Center, that is to the FAR left of the Democrats, that is a party that is inline with European (Right of Center) Governments, which is the best indication of how right-wing Democrats and Republicans in US are that the Conservative parties in UK, Canada, France, Germany, etc. are to the far left of the Democrats in US, given the FACT that for example the Conservative party of UK, that is Margaret Thatcher’s party, is 100% for their Universal nationalized single payer health care system, something that the Democrats in US did not even propose and the Republicans call "Socialism.."

The source of all US misery: US (right-wing) Media

So then the obvious question is then how is it possible that Republicans can be such lunatics, to be for example against Universal nationalized health care and the Media in US does not call them on this lunacy! That is how is it that just about no Media outlet in US, set aside all, asks the Republicans as to the total contradiction in their so called positions? That is to ask them: " how can it be that you Republicans in US call Universal nationalized health care to be "Socialism..." "Communism? AND the Conservative parties in UK, Germany, Canada, France, Israel, etc. ALL are 100% for their Universal nationalized health care systems "!!! Are you Republicans in US total lunatics or are the Conservative parties in UK, Germany, Canada, France, Israel, etc. "Socialist"?

In FACT not is the US Media not pointing out to all the insanity of the Republican party, 95% of the US Media is the arm of the Republican party or to be more exact it is the force behind the Republican party, that is from the psychos on Talkradio to Fox news (aka Fixed news), to Wall Street Journal, to CNBC, etc. etc. you are told on 24/7 basis all the Lunatic Lies that is the Republican party, such as: Universal nationalized health care is “Socialism..? and will lead to the US businesses not being able to compete and to “Look at Europeans and Canadians want to come to US for their health care needs..? etc. etc. WHEN the exact opposite is the truth, as detailed here.

So the fact of the matter is the reason that Republicans are such utter complete lunatics, to the point that they are the real ENEMY of American people, or the fact that Democrats are mainly HOAXES, at least have been to date, so that NOTHING really changes in US, as evident by the fact that Obama & Democrats have done really nothing of what they said they were going to do as listed above and the right-wing US Media still calls them “Socialist..? and “Liberal..?, is because The Core problem with US is that the US Media, rather than being on the side of the people and truth is a LYING machine of unimaginable proportion, funded by 100s of Billions of Dollars of the Wall Street gang to brain wash the (uneducated and uninformed) People to act against their own self interest and instead have their Taxes spent for the benefit of the Big Corporations, which in summary means that the KEY problems with US is the right-wing (LYING) machine that most of the Media in US is, that is the Wall Street controlled Media (4).

(1) Are Republicans truly lunatics? It is actually worst.
(2) To see how Gargantuan US Military budget is
(3) Irrefutable evidence of what right-wing (Lying) machine most of US Big Media is
(4) Key problem with US is that most of US Media is a right-wing (LYING) machine

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By Guest:   erdogan

I like this article.
Really shows what is so wrong with USA.
Everyone who wants to be on the know, should read it.

By Member: Reporter

You know HALF of the so called "Stimulus" that Obama/Dems passed in 09 was Tax cuts, then this means that Republicans are now saying that "Tax cuts.." dont work!! WOW!

How crazy are Republicans!
Or do they think that most Americans are crazy?

By Member: RealTime

Nice article, as usual on RNP.
On a related noted: did you see that "New GM CEO is Big Donor to Republicans"?

But the GOP wanted to let GM go bankrupt as it opposed the Government funding of GM in early 2009. Republicans call GM to be "Government Motors.." or "Socialist Motors.." or other crazy things that they say.

So either this guy is a typical Republican lunatic, that says one thing and does another thing OR he does not care for the FACT that the Republican party is the party of Lunatics, the true enemy of the American people, given that IF we were governed by Republicans in early 2009 then GM would have gone bankrupt and he would not be the CEO of a profitable GM now.

By Member: Lux_Report

I totally agree.

To really get the US economy competing again, we need to address the fundamental problems of US economy which are:
1- Our money (Taxes) wasted on unnecessary Wars.
2- Our money (Taxes) wasted on a Gargantuan Military.
3- Our money (Taxes) not invested in our people and cities as Europeans do with Universal nationalized Health Care, Universal Education and many other social services.

And the FACT that Republicans do not even acknowledge any of the above fundamental problems and Democrats/Obama have done little to address them, proves the fact that Republicans are utter complete Lunatics, Obama/Dems are HOAX, and the KEY to this amazing sorry state of affairs is the US Media which is almost entirely a right-wing LYING machine.

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