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Author: Real_News
Date Posted: 2010-08-24
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Media bosses command: Republicans are going to win BIG in Nov, no rational reason given!
Most of the US Media has started saying non-stop that "Republicans are going to win Big or Huge Next November." Without saying based on what New policies that are different than Bush years that resulted in the near collapse of the US economy are Republicans going to win in next November?

So the only way that Republicans can win on Nov/2 is if Majority of Americans are brain dead AND certainly this is not the case! I mean sure 20 to 30% of Americans have been made brain dead by the 10s of Billions of Dollars that the Wall Street gang spends to have their agents, that is such lying machines as Rush, Beck, Fixed news, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc. to brain wash the uneducated masses whom are still getting their information from these Media sources, but that leaves the Majority of Americans able to bypass the lies of the Big Media in US and get their information through the Internet and see for themselves clearly that Republicans are utter complete lunatics.

Absolute Proof that Republicans are lunatics

The ABSOLUTE proof that Republicans are lunatics, comes from Margaret Thatchers conservative party in UK, Steven Harpers conservative party in Canada, Netanyahus conservative Likud party in Israel, etc. because ALL these Conservative parties are 100% for their Universal nationalized health care systems, what the Republicans call "Socialism..", "Communism.." even "Nazism..". So either ALL Conservative parties in UK, Sweden, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, etc. developed countries are "Socialists.." and "Big Government loving Libs...", or the Republicans in US are utter complete lunatics for being the ONLY party in the developed World to be against Universal nationalized health care.

Now the above points are ABSOLUTE statements of FACTs, that is the conservative parties in ALL developed countries, repeat ALL Developed countries, set aside their liberal parties, are 100% for their Universal nationalized health care systems, thus proving beyond a shadow of doubt that Republicans in US are lunatics to be against Universal nationalized health care. To be exact they (Republicans in Government) are not actual lunatics, but they are just agents of Big Pharma, Big insurance and will say any lunatic lies in carrying out this deception. So the question then is how is it that the Media in US does not bring to people's attention the above FACTS? By answering this question you will then have your answer as to how it is and why it is that MOST of the US Media has started commanding, via brain washing Polls, that "Republicans are going to Win BIG Next November..." without ever saying based on what New Ideas or Proposals they are going to Win(3).

The Polls say Republicans are going to Win, but not Web based polls

So US Media, the right-wing LYING machine that it is, does not say based on what Republican policy proposals people are going to Vote for Republicans, it just says that people are going to Vote for Republicans and to complete the brain washing of the people that this is the "faith complete", it will backup this report with Polls after Polls that people are going to Vote Republicans such as the recent poll by the Galup that 10% more preferred the GOP, just as it did with poll after poll in its drive to fan the flame for the Iraq War that 70% was in favor of the War, or 80% thought Sadam had WMD, or whatever LIEs dejure they want to sell that day.

However there have been many Web based polls, even on right-wing news sites such as CNN, Washington Post, etc. and in ALL these Web based polls, Votes have been by 20 to 30% in favor of Democrats and against Republicans. But somehow mysteriously, when the Polls are taken mysteriously by organizations such as Gallup or Pew Research, then the Polls indicate that people favor Republicans! As an example check out the screen shot of the Vote from CNN Web site in this regard, as you can see people prefer Democrats over Republicans by 30% in this Web based poll.

Ya, blame that on Bush too!

Now after one asks the Republicans, and the right-wing Media, as to how their policies going to be different than the Bush era? They will say an amazing non-sense like: "Ya, blame that on Bush too"
As if we give a squat about Bush, but it is the policies of the Republican party that we are talking about which policies Bush fully executed. So tell us Republicans, and the right-wing LYING Media in US, what policies are you proposing that are different than the Bush era policies as a result of which US economy will do well rather than collapse as it did during the Bush era? Tell us what you are going to do different if you are elected in Nov/2010 than you did during the Bush years? Of course to this question, they will either throw a rant by saying few words such as "Obama, Socialist, Muslim " or they will say nothing as to what the Republican policies are for Job Creation, but a couple of one liners for simple minds such as:
"We need to stop the Job killing polices of Obama....",
"We need to stop the Government regulation and Higher Taxes that are Killing Jobs...",
"Businesses are not hiring because of uncertainty of Obamacare...",
etc. utter non-sense which is EXACTLY what the Republican policies were during the Bush years and still are, which ideas, really code words and double speak, come down to doing NOTHING for the Middle class, give Tax breaks to the very rich, allow the Big corporations to rip people into shreds and wage unnecessary Wars.

Take the "Job Killing ideas..."

So US Media says that people are going to Vote Republican because they are frustrated by the economy and the High unemployment. WOW! What a non-sense. Because it is the Republican policies that are the real reasons why US economy is doing so badly, as evident by avg House prices in US being less than ALL developed nations.

To see that it is the Republican or Republicrats policies of "Government is the problem and not the solution.." Con Job for the benefit of the Wall Street gang that are causing the HIGH Unemployment in US and causing US economy to fall further and further behind there is an ABSOLUTE proof: compare the High unemployment rates in US to near Full employment that they are having in Germany, Japan, Australia, etc.

So Germany has near full employment at 7.5%, Japan has near Full employment at 5.2% and Australia has near Full employment at 5.3%, here:
Germany unemployment:
Japan unemployment:
Australia unemployment:

vs real unemployment in US at 20%, or Government reported unemployment in US at 9.5%,

So what are they doing different in Germany, Japan, Australia than US?

1- They have universal nationalized (socialized) health care
2- They have MUCH MORE generous unemployment benefits than in US
3- They have MUCH higher taxes on someone making more than 250K than in US
4- They have MUCH more extensive regulation and a FAR more unionized workforce than the US.
5- Their workers by law get 8 Weeks paid vacation per year, compared to a measly 1 or 2 weeks in US if that.
6- They have Universal child care.
7- They do not waste their People's Taxes on Unnecessary Wars
8- They do not waste their People's Taxes on a Gargantuan Military
etc. etc.

ALL of which policies Republicans and the right-wing Media in US call "Socialism.." or oppose.

So the Full employment results in these countries with universal nationalized health care and many other Social services that Americans do not have, proves beyond a shadow of doubt that Republican ideals, that is LIES for the benefit of the Big pharma, Big insurance (aka Wall Street gang), and the right-wing Media that enables them, such as Talkradio, Fox news, Wall Street Journal, etc. are EXACTLY the "Job Killing ideas..."

But the Economy has not gotten better under Obama and Libs

After one presents the FACTs that it is due to Republicans ideas, in fact the Republican Con Job on the behalf of the Very Rich and the War-profiteers, that the US economy is doing so badly, then the Republicans and their handlers in the right-wing Media will say something like: "Economy has not gotten better under Obama and Libs.."

The answer to which is because Obama/Dems have done little to address the fundamental problems of US economy, which fundamental problems Republicans Champion, which fundamental problems are:

1- Lack of Universal Nationalized Health Care. Something that ALL European countries, Canada, Japan, Australia, in fact ALL, repeat ALL, developed nations have, including Israel the beloved nation of the Republicans. Instead Obama/Dems did not EVEN propose Universal Nationalized Health Care but proposed and passed a near Joke of a health care reform since it is neither Universal nor is it Nationalized, which health care needs to be, as it is in ALL developed nations, so as to give businesses and people certainty that cost of health care is NOT going up all the time so that they will hire and invest in new jobs.

2- Our Taxes (money) wasted on unnecessary wars, such as Iraq and Afghan wars. Given the FACT that Obama/Dems are following the SAME EXACT policies regarding the Iraq war as Bush Admin and they have even increased the US troop presence, and thus expense to the US Tax payers, in Afghanistan.

3- Our Taxes wasted on a Gargantuan Military, considering the FACT that US Military budget is larger than Military budget of all countries on planet EARTH combined while US economy is not even 15% of World economy anymore AND falling given the rise of China, India, Russia, Europe, etc. - do the simple math and you will see that you simply cannot have a Military that is 50% of the World Military budget while your economy is a mere 15% of World economy and falling.

Now as the result of the FACT that Obama/Dems have done little, if any, to address the above fundamental problems with US economy one could say that Obama/Dems are really as right-wing as Republicans, that they are really just a HOAX, or one can give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they have not been able to address the above fundamental problems with US economy DUE to Republicans having having used this most undemocratic of a procedure called "Filibuster" to have blocked or gravely watered down any attempt of the Obama/Dems to address these fundamental problems with US economy.

The conclusion to which FACTS is that Republicans have NO idea and in fact NO interest at all to Fix the US economy, to so call "Create Jobs..", and thus what we need are more Democrats in the Congress to END the "Filibuster", but real Liberal Democrats and not Democrats IN Name Only (DINO) such as Nelson of Iowa, Blanche of Arkansas, etc..

Moreover what we can say with certainty, given the FACT that Republicans and the right-wing Kabal that really controls them are the Champions of the fundamental problems of US economy, IF more Republicans are elected in coming November, THEN you can be certain that US economy will continue to go down and down and down, into 3rd World country status, as it had under Republican polices of Reagan, Bush years. Keeping in mind that whereas US could get away with the damage that the LIES of the Republicans and the right-wing Media was doing to US economy, up to 10 years ago, it cannot and could not anymore as of the last 10 year due to the formation of European Union and the ascendancy of China as Major economic power over the last 10 years, more on this here.

Repeat a LIE enough number of times and enough number of people will fall for it

So in fact when you think about it, the right-wing Kabal that controls the US Media, that is the 1% who makes $30Mill per year and flies in $50Mill private Jets, no matter if we have a great recession or not, whom also controls vast parts of US Media, is engaging in another perfect Con Job, that is by repeating ad nausea that Republicans are going to win BIG Next November, they are going to win either way come next November, that is they will in either of the following ways:

1- They will persuade enough people that there is NO hope of crushing the Republican lunatics next November, so progressive and liberals (aka thinking people) will stay away from the Voting booth and not bother to vote since they are told that Republicans are going to win Big by the Media

2- Whenever needed the right-wing Kabal behind the US Media and thus Government will hack the Voting machines to produce whatever results they want, as they did recently in May/2010 to get Demint elected in South Carolina. After all, people would be expecting by then that Republicans are going to win next Nov since the right-wing US Media has told them so ad nausea that this would be the case and so no one will bother to check the Voting machines from being hacked. OTN, you want to avoid this Voting machine fraud, demand in the next election that the machines produce paper trail of your Vote and that all the Votes are to be published on the Web, given that much civic based data such as your house purchase records are publicly available, why not the Voting results, to ensure that the Voting machines are not hacked to produce fake results.

Will Wall Street gang rule again or will Main Street this time!

So will the Wall Street gang rule again via their control of most of the US Media, and access to 100s of Billions of Dollars, so that they will use their Media Agents such as Beck, Rush, Fixed news, Wall Street Journal, Fobes, CNBC, etc. etc. to brain wash the uneducated masses to Vote against their self interest and instead Vote Republicans by bombarding the air waves that "Republicans are going win next election..." without telling us based on what policies that are different than the Bush years they are going to Win!

Will the Wall Street gang be able to elect more of their Agents such as John Boehner to the Congress?
Or will Main Street this time wake up to the Con Job that the Wall Street gang via their Agents the Republicans and the right-wing LYING Media have been playing on the American people for too long?

People one way you can SEND A MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR that these lying slime bag like Beck, Rush, Fixed news, Wall Street Journal, etc. and the Republican lunatics that they represent, or control depending on how you want to look at it, are not going to Hijack your Government again for the benefit of the very rich (aka Wall Street gang) is to help defeat John Boehner & Michele Bauchman.

And the way to do so is to support Justin Coussoule that is running against this charlatan John Boehner, here:

and Tarryl Clark that is running to defeat that psycho Michele Bachmann, here:

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COMMENTS     Posted: 4    Pending: 0

By Member: Diakrite

I'll vote, but more because I think it's my duty, than the thought it will make ANY difference. People fought for it, even died. So, yeah, I feel obliged to vote.

Problem is, I can already see where this is going. 'S really simple actually :

-Republicans=Business people/Corporations (now people too thnx to a corrupt SC).
-Business people need cheap labour to prevent their obscene profits from declining.
-There is bound to be some tariff system that'll help the treasury in the near future

Seems great at a glance, but wait,

-Outsourcing will become somewhat expensive.
-Business people hate spending money, especially on wages.
-Business people thus, NEED a poor, stupid and desperate serf-class that will work in their factories for peanuts.

What better way then, to create said "serf-class" by means of a constant stream of ever more, bizarre propaganda through channels CONTROLLED by said "Business-people". Channels that ruthlessly hammer away at Unions, Socialized healthcare, Unemployment benefits etc. etc., screaming ever more inane comments and absurdities. It works like a charm.

Goebbels would be proud. MSM learnt far too much from nazi-Germany

By Member: Real_News

I agree with most of what you have said here.

But what is "MSM"?

By Member: Diakrite

Oh, "MSM" is popular speak for "Mainstream Media" You know? Those idiots at Faux-news, NBC and such, that only publish [i]those[/i] talking points their corporate bosses WANT to be published, and talked about with a righ-wing slant. Sock-puppets of the (ultra-right-wing)elite, so to speak.

By Member: Real_News

Ah I see.
But the fact of the matter is, as you have also noted somewhat, that US Media is 99% a right-wing LYING machine.
And there is lies the KEY problems of US and why NOTHING changes for the better for the People.
More here:

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